Shawn Viveiros
Graphic & Web Designer

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About Me

My name is Shawn Viveiros and I’m a Creator. I have a passion for multimedia design from graphic design, to video, and even web interfaces.

I’ve always loved solving problems. Being good at science, and understanding design, I like to create new worlds that inspire people around me. Whether I am putting together a website for a client, or creating a new wallpaper for my desktop, I approach both with the fervor and enthusiasm as a novice, but use my 10+ years of experience to create something outstanding.

Proficient in the Abode Cloud and hundreds of other software, I still try to learn new and exciting things as technology evolves and use my abilities to create new ways of looking at everyday objects. My profession is Graphic Designer, my ethos is creation!

Manage and update all digital assets, Marketing assets, and Multimedia. Project Management and design with Marketing Team and Third-Party Contractors. Create billboards and Posters for on Property and Highway Collateral. Facilitator and Creator for Email Media, Social Media, and Print Media. Facilitator and Creator for Multimedia Projects such as commercials and canopy light shows.
Developed, managed, operated and promoted an Internet business. Handled customer support issues. Analyzed, developed and created websites and marketing material for small businesses and start-ups. Top-bottom marketing with all branding collateral including websites, logos, print material, video, and presentation packets.
As the CFO and Office manager, I would facilitate growth with strategic planning for current technologies as well as innovate and streamline customer interaction. Management of contractors for projects was pivotal to our success and creating the right team for our client's satisfaction. Other roles/duties included website design, graphic design, and marketing.
As the lead technician, I was responsible for systems and networks for small business and residential clients. Ensuring our customers meet the standards they deserve, we provided knowledgeable technical support in a timely manner without sacrificing service.
Best Buy and the Geek Squad was invaluable to my success. Being inside on a corporate and retail level has taught me to look at the numbers and project goals for upcoming weeks. Being a technician also taught me how to handle customers who may become frustrated with their computers.
Creating and managing the website for Courtesy GMAC Reality, I was responsible for uploading graphics and images to the property website, while designing and creating landing pages for other projects. Minor office networking when needed, as well as technical help.
New England Institute of Technology was a great hands on school. Allowing me to grow and learn at my pace, I was able to achieve the level of graphic arts and video production that I desired. These skills would continue on throughout the years increasing as I continue to learn and innovate.

Crazy Skills

Web Design

Web Design is a passion of mine. Making the most appealing websites, while making the best GUI for the user by utilizing HTML, PHP, Javascript, and CSS. A website is the reflection of your business or yourself in today’s connected world.


Using Photoshop on a daily basis has allowed me to highlight my creativity in an energetic and dynamic way. Creating billboards, posters, brochures, web graphics, and more in a professional and efficient manner. Photoshop is my life-blood and is an extension of my creative brain.


Creating logos, signs, and marketing material all based in vector graphics has allowed me to keep my clients pleased with the knowledge that they have a great format to make their media in any format in any size. From logos to t-shirts, I have done it all.

The world is but a canvas to the imagination.


Proficient in many aspect of MS Office including Excel, Outlook, OneNote, Powerpoint, and Word. With several years of IT/Help desk under my belt, I understand operating systems, networking, and overall functionality of computers. Give me a new piece of software and I will learn it by tomorrow!


Offering professional brand identity development services designed for small business and Start-ups, I have successfully created brands from top to bottom from logo design all the way to vehicle wraps. Every client is different and I don’t just "box up" a branding package that will work for anyone. I take my time and learn the nuances of the business as if I were a founding member.


Being a great leader means making knowledgeable decisions based on the information given. Having been in a leadership role in the past years, it has groomed me for fast and efficient project management and pronounced leadership skills.


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